Our Products

  • SAFEmine CAS - Traffic Awareness & Collision Avoidance for all vehicles.
  • TRACK - Tracking and reporting for the entire fleet.
  • TrackingRadar - Detect and track unprotected objects, vehicles and ground personnel
  • SafetyCentre - Integration of CAS, radar and cameras on one monitor.
  • ShovelAssist - Helps avoid incidents between shovels and surrounding machines.


Too many near misses or collisions?
Operators tailgaiting and speeding?
Too many false or unnecessary alarms?

Key Benefits

  • 360° protection at any speed and any visibility, no blind spots
  • Highly selective 3D motion prediction, minimizing nuisance warnings
  • Typical 500m range, no line of sight between vehicles required
  • Simple driver cabin installation
  • No radio or IT infrastructure required, works everywhere
  • Adapts to vehicle characteristics
  • Over 18,000  vehicles protected   daily  in   over   45   mines


  • GPS based technology
  • Instant vehicle to vehicle RF communication
  • Back to base data link (WiFi, GSM, Ethernet) allows for system maintenance and data mining
Download: Solution Report: "Increasing Safety on Mine Access Roads"




No fleet tracking?
Location of equipment unknown?
No reports on fleet usage?

Key Benefits

  • Real-time fleet management and tracking solution
  • Receive configurable alerts via SMS and email
  • Customizable reports on speeding, usage, etc.
  • Import mine map from GIS


  • Supports WiFi, GSM/3G or Ethernet data link
  • Web interface for easy access; anywhere, anytime
  • Server hosted on-site or in Switzerland for rapid deployment
Download: Solution Report: "Tracking and Dispatching Service Vehicles"



Ground personnel protected at start up?
Operators  always aware of nearby objects?
Vehicles maneuvering safely with unprotected objects?

Key Benefits

  • Detects vehicles, fixed hazards such as rocks or buildings, and ground personnel
  • Risk-based algorithms to minimize nuisance alarms
  • Detects and tracks multiple objects simultaneously
  • Configurable to site specific requirements such as maximum detection range, speed and geo-fences
  • Range up to approx. 30 meters (approx. 33 yards)
  • Multiple detection zones for increased performance
  • Fully integrated with SAFEmine Collision Avoidance System
  • Simple installation, efficient maintenance through WiFi
  • Engineered for harsh environments and poor visibility including snow, fog, darknessve


  • Ruggedized for harsh mining environments
  • Detection range up to 30 meters
  • IP67 protection



Too many displays and alarm sounds in the cabin?
Too much for your operator to handle?
Too many different suppliers and technologies?

Key Benefits

  • Fully configurable and modular All-In-One Advanced Collision Avoidance System
  • Integrates 3 technologies on one screen: SAFEmine CAS, cameras and radar
  • Situation-dependent screen layout switching, operator sees what is most important
  • Parallel multi-camera video and situation recording for incident analysis
  • Sophisticated sensor data fusion
  • 100% compatible with SAFEmine CAS
  • Interfaces with mine management systems
  • Simple installation, efficient maintenance through WiFi
  • Live tracking, monitoring and alerting using SAFEmine TRACK


  • Rugged, embedded computer unit
  • Supports up to 6 cameras
  • VGA output for high-resolution monitor





Poor visibility and traffic congestion at the loading area?
Critical situations between shovel and clean-up equipment?

Key Benefits

  • Intelligent algorithm adapts the alarm zone to the vehicle type
  • Helps avoid incidents between shovels and surrounding machines
  • The operator can easily identify approaching and surrounding vehicles
  • Loading efficiency increases
  • Eliminates blind spots
  • Reduces 'Cab Clutter' by unifying camera, TrackingRadar* and CAS information on one screen
  • Generates full near-misses records to support investigation, improve operator training, and enhance safety measures


  • Rugged, embedded computer unit
  • Supports up to 6 cameras and typically 6 radar
  • VGA output for high-resolution monitor

Download: Solution Report: "Increasing Safety in the Loading Area"


*SAFEmine TrackingRadar is the next generation of radar sensors that detect and track the path of objects, including vehicles, ground personnel, and stationary features of the mining environment.